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Tactical Squirrel  

Why are we doing this?

We are passionate about our US Military Veterans and First Responders! They sacrifice and voluntarily serve to keep our country and communities safe, and protect our freedoms.  The focus of this box program is to support that passion by working to fill the box with products from companies who support Vets and First Responders through the sale of their products.  As such, simply by purchasing this subscription, you are helping these groups of great folks and their families!  Tactical Squirrel provides their subscribers a box each month filled with a fantastic cross section of amazing products.  

How are we different?

“First our original box has ammunition as a staple product that will be included nearly every month direct to your doorstep! Second, we are the official monthly subscription box partner of the Anteris Alliance, which is a network of companies with a built in passion and tangible support structure for Veterans and First Responders! We officially joined the Alliance because we focus on products in these categories to do our part, and easily allow you to also help simply by subscribing for a monthly box of awesome products.  As a reminder, you can also be a member of Anteris Alliance as an individual coin carrying member, and get a $5.00/month discount off your Tactical Squirrel box.  Thank you for joining this movement with us!”


Tactical Squirrel

Emmett, ID 83617
Phone: (425) 409-9445
Website: http://TacticalSquirrel.com
Email: info@tacticalsquirrel.com

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